Skt NURCaptha WP Plugin is a free software distributed under GNU GPL 2 License. You must not pay to make use of it. Nevertheless you may be kind enough to think about the hours the author spent on this code and feel inspired to give a token of gratitude to him.

The link below leads to a PayPal form where you can donate whatever amount you want. It doesn’t matter how much you give, the author will be grateful and prone to develop a few more pieces of free code for you.

6 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Thanks for getting back to me, Carlos.

    The numerous (hundreds) of messages that I’m getting on the site are all from some group that wants to promote Coach, Uggs, Louis Vitton, etc. They are sending email messages to my different pages. I delete them on a daily basis. And the reason I installed your plug-in was to not have to deal with this. Does your product eliminate this type of spam message?

    • As per your description, we have a comment spammer targeting on your site. Skt NURCaptcha can only protect you against bad user registrations – which is not the case.

      To address this problem properly you may want to activate your Akismet plugin (it comes bundled in your WordPress package). I think it is the best way to get rid of this kind of spammers – and Akismet does the job automatically for you. Don’t forget to sign up for an Akismet API key – the free key option is perfect for your site.

      Please try it and let me know if this solves your problem. I will be waiting for your feedback.

  2. I may have done something incorrectly when I downloaded this (probably) as I now have 108 spam messages that came in today. Could you please help me with this?

    • Dear cidkent,

      The Skt NURCaptcha Plugin for WordPress prevents your site from having spambot user registrations So if you allow your subscribers to publish posts on your website, you will not be annoyed with spam articles nor malicious links everywhere on your pages.

      This plugin does not address the attack of spammers on comments nor the stealing of email addresses to flood them with spam messages. There are other free plugins which can help you deal with these dangers.

      So, if the problem that aflicts your site do refers to the infiltration of one or more spambots into your users list, please let me know the details of your installation – so maybe I can help you.

      Thank you for your message.

  3. Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for the excellent plugin.
    Would you care for a translation?
    You have my email. Please use it if interested.
    Thanks again

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